Laminating machine LC-1700 Hot sale !!!

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Advantages : 

Electric lifting roller

1. Adopt electric lifting way, a new way which is simple than air-control system.

2. With reasonable roller lifting structure, it's easier to adjust the average pressure between the rollers, prevent media wrinkle , slanting and bubble problem occured

Industrial grade handle 

1. Functions controlling  are gathered together, convenient to use.

2. More fashionable, high-tech, intelligent.

Curve start-stop

1. Use imported DC servo motor, high precision and fast speed laminating, more durable.

2. use the smart pedal, speed up or down is more steady, to make sure good quaity laminating.

Accounting function

1. Accounting the size of media, error measurement for 100 meters is below 10mm.

2. Screen show the data of laminated amount .

3. Accounting could be reset.

Media use-up reminder 

1. Media use-up reminder, machine will stop laminating when media using up, avoid the film sticking to roller.

Clear static device

1. De-electrostatic device can remove static during laminating process

2. Solve the static trouble completely

Avoid clampping 

1. Infrared sensor device , roller could automatically stop moving when unknown objects found.

2.  Eradicate safe hidden trouble, to make sure operator safe.

Smart Pedal

1. High sensitive foot pedal , it can control the machine laminating, stop, speed up or down .

2. Press the pedal with 5 seconds, the speed is accelerating continuously up to the max speed, the roller is moving in the speed when lifting foot, it will stop moving when press the pedal again.

3. Simple useful and  efficient.

Cutter device

1. Automatically cut media in the middle or edges, save time and labor.

2. Cutter moving smoothly, position precise, no rough edge

3. Cutter with fine adjust device, easy to operate.

4. Easier to change blade,  it's standard part.

High precision reduction gear

1. With high precision reduction gear, ensure the laminating process more stable.

2. Less noisy, large torque, high efficient.

3. Lifetime up to 30000 hours.

4. Passed the test continuious 150000 square meters laminating


  Zhengzhou Locor Technology Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 26 million RMB. The company has a young, efficient, united and innovative elite team, and an entrepreneurial environment that catches up with the international advanced level, leads the development of the Chinese industry.

 Locor pays attention to the research and application development of independent technology in the field of printing equipment,has established a company technology research and development center, equipped with advanced equipment and testing instruments with a good R&D experimental environment. The company's technical department cooperates with many research institutes at home and abroad, uses the current new micro-electromechanical and micro-electronic technology to conduct exploratory research and development. It is used in printer print head drive analysis, rack manufacturing, testing, control system design, trial production, etc. Unique insights and innovative inventions.

    Locor has applied for 51 patents related to digital printing equipment, including 3 invention patents; in 2008, the company was recognized as a high-tech enterprise by Henan Science and Technology Department, has passed the EU CE certification in 2008; in May 2010, Zhengzhou Development and Reform Commission Approved the establishment of Zhengzhou Digital Wide-format Printing Equipment Engineering Research Center and listed it in the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Electronic Information Industry; In June 2010, it officially started the shareholding system reform and became the first batch of new three-board enterprises in Zhengzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone.

At present, Locorproducts and service organizations have covered more than 80 countries and regions in 31 provinces and cities in China and overseas; Locor are willing to work together with friends in the industry to provide satisfactory products and services for domestic and foreign customers!


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