LOCOR Manual laminating machine LC1600

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Locor Manual laminating machine adopt the new Natural rubber roller,make the surface of rubber roller more slippery,Laminating is not easy to wrinkle and go off course!

一、Operating feature

   Laminator machine is the use of cold pressing process,Put the cold mounted film on the surface of the picture,make the picture Anti - corrosion, water - proofing, anti - ultraviolet light erosion, keep the picture new, not fade, not yellowing,More can make the picture has a strong sense of three-dimensional,Improve the artistic appeal of pictures.Widely used in modern wedding, art photography, computer printing and painting, posters, advertising pictures, documents mounting work.Laminating is a latter technology of Picture processingLaminator machine is a perfect tool to complete the technology.

二、Use specifications:

Max lamination width:1600mm;

Lamination length:unlimited;

Max lamination thickness:20mm  ;

The QTY of working rubber roller:Two  ;

Lamination speedstepless adjustable;

Temperature range:0-125°C ;

G.W:75kg ;

Package sizes:1835X450X970mm  ;

The Laminator machine is hand-cranked,not need power supply。

三、Pressure regulation of laminating

 The left and right ends of the machine can be respectively adjusted laminating pressure,Equal pressure at both ends of rubber roller。The upper and lower cots should be separated,then put the Lamination on the surface of rubber roller.Turn the knob and ensure to make the upper and lower of the rubber roller parallel to each other ,To add a little pressure。The pressure cannot be too much ,in order to avoid generating bubble While laminating.

  Note that the pressure adjustment knob on both sides should be in the idle position!The pressure must be readjusted after the first knob is lowered on the other side!Clockwise turn the knob,add pressure;Anticlockwise turn the knob,reduce pressure。


Adjust the bracket(LEFT、RIGHT);

Operation platen(FRONT、BEHIND);

Rocker wheel and table support feet;

Rubber roll(UP、DOWN)。

五、Maintenance of accessories:

   When clean the rubber roll,should wipe with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol or neutral detergent,then wipe with a dry close。Never allowed to use metals etc hard materials.

Use method:

1、Put it on a stable and firm bench After installing the laminating machine on the special bracket。Then build a Special platform for laminating,The height is under 5mm from the end of laminating machine,the width is 1600mm,the length is more than 1M

2、Put the material which needs to be laminatin or freely go through the laminating machine on the front of the iron roll,make sure the Paint layer upwards while go into the laminating machine.

3、Adjust pressure regulating hand wheel of laminating machine,Lift up the upper rubber roll,then thread the material out of the two rubber roll 10 cm.

4、If it needs laminating should thread the lamination out of the two rubber roll of the laminating machine 10 cm,put it on the consumable,both sides of the membrane and the consumable must be aligned.

5、Adjust the position of consumables on the platform,Make the two end face basically be the same tightness in the laminating machine,then adjust pressure regulating hand wheel of laminating machine,put down the upper rubber roll,Switch to idle position.Both side pressure should be consistent.

6、If it is no-load laminating machine,Shake the handwheel,make the consumable go forward.Shake it evenly,Walking speed is consistent, not fast or slow.

7Both sides of the screw rod to regular refueling.If the rubber roll is not used for a long time,The upper and lower of the rubber roll should be separated immediately,prevent the rubber roll transformation from extrusion for a long time.It is strictly prohibited to mount hard materials in a certain part of the rubber roll for a long time!


  Zhengzhou Locor Technology Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 26 million RMB. The company has a young, efficient, united and innovative elite team, and an entrepreneurial environment that catches up with the international advanced level, leads the development of the Chinese industry.

 Locor pays attention to the research and application development of independent technology in the field of printing equipment,has established a company technology research and development center, equipped with advanced equipment and testing instruments with a good R&D experimental environment. The company's technical department cooperates with many research institutes at home and abroad, uses the current new micro-electromechanical and micro-electronic technology to conduct exploratory research and development. It is used in printer print head drive analysis, rack manufacturing, testing, control system design, trial production, etc. Unique insights and innovative inventions.

    Locor has applied for 51 patents related to digital printing equipment, including 3 invention patents; in 2008, the company was recognized as a high-tech enterprise by Henan Science and Technology Department, has passed the EU CE certification in 2008; in May 2010, Zhengzhou Development and Reform Commission Approved the establishment of Zhengzhou Digital Wide-format Printing Equipment Engineering Research Center and listed it in the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Electronic Information Industry; In June 2010, it officially started the shareholding system reform and became the first batch of new three-board enterprises in Zhengzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone.

At present, Locorproducts and service organizations have covered more than 80 countries and regions in 31 provinces and cities in China and overseas; Locor are willing to work together with friends in the industry to provide satisfactory products and services for domestic and foreign customers!


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